Friday, December 10, 2010

Pile of Poo

So this morning I had a nice little "big" present waiting in our front yard near my car. A pile of deer poo. Yep that is right my happy moment today just happens to be poop. I had to smile to know that there are deer so close to where I live. I grew up in the middle of the city and the only wildlife i saw was my family, the neighbors, cats, dogs, a raccoon, a possum and the local birds like pigeons (and we can't forget the yearly visit of the garden snake ick). So when I moved to the base of the canyon and in very close proximaty to other wildlife man am I happy. Several weeks ago I went walking and saw deer in someones yard. Now I walk to my car and know that deer were in OUR yard. It makes me happy and smile :)

Monday, December 6, 2010


There have been plenty of things to make me happy but todays is dedicated to my drive to campus. I HATE driving. It is by far one of my least favorite neccessities, however I did find happiness in it today. I must start this story by describing my car. My car's name is Bill named after Bill the Pony in Lord of the Rings. My last car was named Sam after Samwise Gamgee, because that was how my car was to me, a solid dependable steady friend. I could drive more comfortably knowing I was driving that car. Well I had to sell Sam and I bought Bill. The thought of Bill the Pony seems to come to mind. When you first meet Bill the pony there wasn't much to him and people had their doubts, but Samwise believed in the Bill and took care of him and he was a loyal good pony that did far better than others expected. Well that is like my car bill, there wasn't much to him, but with some tender patience he takes me where I need to be. Bill is a 94 Honda accord that squeaks. It makes me chuckle to think about this car. It has such potential as I drive to campus and turn the wheel or whatever bill just squeaks and who knows what other noises he makes, but he hasn't just fallen apart like you would think in the cartoons with the wheels sagging, the doors popping off, and everything just wheezing as it gives its last breath. Granted he did stop completely once and needed a tow. So my happy moment is dedicated to driving to campus listening to Chicago music knowing that my car has not cur plunked like a cartoon and has great personality. :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Today's happy moment is brought to you curtisy of peace, donuts, good music and finished work.

I don't know what tastes better than a chocolate cake donut and milk then chocolate cake donut and milk brought by a friend. My dear friend came into the office this afternoon with the sweets that fill my soul with more delight than they should (because while a donut is round it also makes me a little round even if it has a hole in the middle :) ) Also another great joy was just listening to music that seems to fit your mood, whether it is country, pink, beyonce or whoever to find something that fits your mood. When I am a bad mood I really don't care to listen to springtime music and when I just need to let it all out a good angry chic song never hurt me. And when I just want some music that reflects the calm mood why not some andrea bocelli or josh groban or Celtic thunder. I bet you are all wondering what music I was listening to today..... The next smile of the day - finished work. One more semester of my dream is almost done and I can't believe it. I had a homework assignment that took a month and a half (a spreadsheet of 55 workbooks insane) what a great feeling to finally finish it yesterday and the next one today. It is a small relief.

The last source of happiness, may not actually be one of happiness as much as comfort. What a comfort it is to just have peace.