Thursday, September 12, 2013

simplistic beauty and quiet delight

I wish I could write some deep thought and inspirational moment, but I have none today, all I have is the delight of this moment.  The delight of quiet reflection sitting outside in the late summer/early fall weather, while listening to Celtic music.  Today I spent time walking with a friend.  Her cooking and garden inspire me.  The delightful people her and her husband are bring a smile to my face.

Do I need to actually write out why these quiet moments of reflection and the friendship with good people, and this wonderful weather are happy moments.

I really wish I could write some great philosophical statement about life and the importance and beauty of these moments, but it is in the simplistic beauty of these moments and who I am and want to be and how I wish to live my life that makes them what they are in my eye, a simplistic beauty and quiet delight.

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